Exhaust Service & Maintenance

At Sunshine Exhaust Systems we have all your exhaust service and maintenance needs covered. We recommend an annual maintenance check to extend the life of your system. During the inspection our expert technicians will pick up any potential issues and deal with them before they become a major, costly problem. Regular annual maintenance ensures that your exhaust system will run at peak performance for years to come.   

Exhaust Repairs & Replacement

With over 30 years experience our team is well qualified to take care of all your exhaust system repairs and replacements. If you have noticed something is not quite right like a noisy exhaust, strange smell or rattling, these are indicators you have a problem. Our team can quickly identify any problem and repair or replace your exhaust system leading to reduced noise, lower emissions while improving the efficiency of your vehicle.

Exhaust Performance & Custom work

Our team can custom build exhaust systems for all types of vehicles including standard cars, ute’s, classics and high-end performance vehicles. With access to the latest aftermarket exhaust parts we can deliver higher performance as well as ensuring your vehicle looks the part. We are passionate about providing you with the best performance and sound for your vehicle. Come in and discuss your requirements with the team.

Exhaust Systems Check-up

The job of your exhaust system is to reduce toxic fumes into the air. When your exhaust system functions correctly apart from enjoying a quieter ride, it will also lower emissions and improve the efficiency of the vehicle. A complete systems check-up involves checking from the start of the exhaust pipe all the way to your engine. Our team can diagnose and repair any potential problems to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly.

Vehicle servicing

Vehicle servicing is offered at our Auto Leaders dealership located in the same premises. We guarantee to match any dealer capped price vehicle service.

Logbook Servicing
It is important to keep your logbook services up-to-date so you don’t void any warranties on your vehicle. We can take care of these services for you while maintaining the manufacturer’s statutory warranty. Our logbook services extend to all vehicle makes and models and provide a full written report.

Standard Vehicle Servicing
Our standard vehicle service will keep your vehicle in top working order to maintain manufacturer warranty. A standard service includes:

  • Oil & filter change
  • All levels checked and topped up
  • Brake Check
  • Suspension check
  • Full safety inspection
  • Full written report

Other services include:

  • Signature car service
  • Xpress Lubes
  • Fuel Injection service
  • Vehicle Inspections

All services come with free Roadside Assistance

Auto air conditioning

If your vehicles air conditioning system is not running at peak performance head on in to our Auto Leaders dealership for an air conditioning systems check.

Common problems

  • Cooling or heating system not efficient – too hot or too cold
  • The air conditioning unit is noisy
  • When operating the air conditioning unit you notice a smell
  • Air Conditioning performance systems check (includes checking cooling and the overall operation of the air conditioning unit)
  • Air Conditioning sytems inspection
  • Air Conditioning system service includes regas

To maintain your vehicles air conditioning we recommend an air conditioning systems check every two years.

Fixed Price Car Servicing

with free roadside assist

We are an authorised Auto Leaders Workshop. When you book your vehicle in for service we guarantee to match any Dealer Capped Price Service.

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